Client: Leroy Merlin Greece

ProductionsYear of creation: 2019

Concept, development, and production of a 10-Video Urban farming series during the quarantine period

These videos were filmed in 2019 during the quarantine period to make staying at home more enjoyable and productive. They offer timely and relevant content to help viewers maximize their time at home while supporting the company’s products and mission.

Balconies and gardens played a vital role during the coronavirus pandemic. In Greece, a balcony is more than just an architectural feature of a building; it serves as an extension and outdoor space for the apartment. During the period when everyone stayed home to slow down the spread of the virus, having a well-maintained balcony and engaging in gardening activities became essential for enhancing aesthetics and psychological well-being. Gardening is a relaxing activity that can provide an escape from daily stress and anxiety. The presence of greenery on a balcony, contrasting with the gray colors of that time, can uplift one’s mood and improve living conditions at home.

As movement restrictions continued for an extended period, these videos aimed to contribute to society, raise consumer awareness, and build a relationship of mutual trust with a broader audience. Their objectives included offering support to the community, sensitizing consumers to the importance of urban farming, and fostering a mutually trusting relationship with the general public.